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Millions instantly at Judi Bola Jackpot

Tired of spending lots of money trying to hit that elusive CashSplash jackpot? Or maybe bored of those free Lotto games where you never seem to win anything? has the answer!

When you register at, you will need to download the jackpot slot machine, which should take you less than 5 minutes. Install the program, register using the ID sent to you by email, enter your password, and will give you 50 free spins to start off with.

The secret here is that when you are out of spins, to earn more spins you must click on a button which causes the machine to turn into a GameStation (advertising program), earning you free spins at the rate of one per minute. But beware – you can’t hide the machine behind some other window because it will detect that and stop earning spins.

Kinda reminds you of AllAdvantage and those other ad programs, right? Sure it does – because it operates on the same principles – but you can’t earn much every month because of their limits and their low payout schemes. immediately threatens the existence of those slot online programs because there is no limit to the number of spins you can earn – if you are one of those lucky people who has a cable modem and can stay on 24 hours a day, simply keep the GameStation active (your computer will be required to be actively doing something, perhaps keyboard or mouse activity) and you will earn 1,440 spins a day – each one of them with a chance to earn $1 million or the progressive jackpot (which at this beta stage is showing $1,362,000).

Think the progressive is a pipe dream? GUARANTEES that the jackpot will be hit at least once every 90 days. Plus there is also always one $1 million prize per month… in total 1,765 instant prizes will be given away each month, ranging from a $10 gift certificate to the cool million bucks.

But wait – that’s not all! Every spin also has the chance to earn JackPoints – 350,000 given out each day, with minimum prize redemption levels beginning at 1,000 points (think of MyPoints and you’ll know how it works). And occasionally a special ad will pop up allowing you to earn more JackPoints if you click on it (tricky way to make you keep watching, eh?).

Let me tell you something. I earn a good number of MyPoints, and I would easily max earnings on AllAdvantage – plus, like most of you reading this far down, I like to gamble. So while I can’t award a GSOM award because this is NOT gambling, if I had one I would absolutely give the Unique MoneyMaking Idea of the Year award 🙂

While typing this up I earned 22 free spins (just goes to show how fast I can “talk” with my fingers) – so I’m gonna take a crack at the jackpot… aw shucks, only 4 JackPoints.

Let me tell you the last good reason why you should sign-up – if you refer your friends and colleagues, and one of them wins a prize, you will win the EXACT SAME PRIZE! That means if you repay me for referring you by clicking on my link, and you should win a car, I get one too! Not bad, eh? The only exception is the large cash prizes of $1 million and the progressive jackpot, where the referrer’s prize is capped at $100,000 – still nothing to sneeze at!

So what are you waiting for? Join now!


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